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Inventor OEMで新しい市場の開拓とビジネスの飛躍を


一般に、機械/製造業の市場は広範囲で様々な機会にあふれています。Inventor OEMを使うことにより、お客様はこの新しい機会を素早くとらえ、ものにすることができます。Autodesk Inventorの実証済の開発プラットフォームを最大活用すれば、2-3週間でユニークな独自3Dアプリケーションを開発・出荷することも可能です。

Inventor OEMのライセンスは大変柔軟にできているので、お客様はビジネスモデルを適切に設定し、十分な販売マージンを確保することができます。

Ship Faster: Begin your project closer to the end goal with intuitive wizards and productivity tools that keep your development schedule on track.

Save Money: Develop with all the tools and features you need in one cost-effective product.  No need to devote resources to re-inventing the wheel, and no need to license other technology.

Make it your own: Create a customized look-and-feel through one-of-a-kind images, splash screens, icons, drop-down menus, licensing, naming and branding. Your product may be built on Inventor OEM, but the customer will experience an application uniquely yours.

Build with Confidence: Give your application support for the latest operating systems and platforms, and the broad appeal of a familiar interface and logical commands. Benefit directly from the millions of development hours that have gone into making Inventor OEM the trusted and proven platform it is today.

iLogic Module Create smart parts and assemblies that define multiple product configurations. Make automatic updates in real time based on logical relationships between design parameters such as mass, volume, dimensional values, material types, feature and component activation, suppression, patterns, and more. Simplify rules-based design with intuitive, clickable tools that any user working at the individual or engineering workgroup level can use – even those with little or no programming experience. Automate tedious design tasks by adding the highest levels of intelligence to your digital prototypes.

BIM Exchange Use the BIM Exchange tool to create and publish simplified 3D representations, intelligent connection points, and additional information in native file formats for AutoCAD® MEP software. Users can export 3D geometry to AutoCAD® Architecture, AutoCAD® Revit®-based software, and AutoCAD software, and exchange data with industrial design software such as Autodesk® Alias® Design. Inventor is also used to design mechatronic systems since it is interoperable with electrical software applications such as AutoCAD® Electrical.

Comprehensive CAD Translation Read and write files from third-party CAD tools, using comprehensive CAD translators in Autodesk Inventor OEM. Easily accept and supply data in a customer's preferred format and industry standards, including IGES and STEP. Share and reuse design data between 3D CAD/CAM systems for more accurate collaboration. Read and write design and drawing data using industry-standard formats. Inventor OEM supports direct import and export of CATIA V5, JT™ 6, JT™ 7, Parasolid®, and PTC® GRANITE®. It also supports direct import of Siemens NX™, SolidWorks®, Pro/ENGINEER®, and SAT files.

Inventor OEM API Inventor exposes its programming interface using a COM Automation interface, accessible using most of the popular programming languages available today including Microsoft Visual C++®, VB, C# and Delphi. Autodesk Inventor includes Microsoft’s VBA, the most popular programming environment in the world.

Sample Branded Application The iBlocks sample application tutorial is included to demonstrate a typical final end-user program. Its configuration and settings are available so that users can see exactly how this project is set up and built.

Inventor OEM Configurator Choose to install only the part and assembly modules, translators, and add-ins that your application needs. The configurator then builds the final product and installer. Select:

  • The Inventor add-in to build the custom product.
  • The name of the product.
  • The commands to be included.
  • What features to enable/disable.
  • Splash images.
  • Icons and background images.
  • The licensing system.

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